​​​​​Tempe Paintball & Nerf Wars

With my paid admission, how long do I get to stay?

  • ​Paintball is not limited on time, but the average player comes for 2 hours.
  • ​Nerf Wars is 1-2 hours with a strict limit of 2 hours.

Will the paint ruin my clothes?

  • ​Only once have we had a report of staining or discoloration . Other than this occurrence, it has always washed out with 1 wash cycle when you get home.  But if in doubt, don't wear it.  

Do we play with other people or by ourselves?

  • Teams are usually 10 to 15 players per team.  If you have less than that in your group, we will pair you up with other guests to form a team of 10-15 players and you will be playing against a team of similar size. If you have 20-30 players in your group, you will be "more likely" to be split into two teams and just play with/against each other (depending on how busy we are).